GDAT leases three new AW189 helicopters to Omni Helicopters International

Shanghai, China - 22 November, 2023 - GDAT Company Limited (GDAT), the China’s most prominent helicopter lessor and operator of medium and heavy helicopters, is pleased to announce the successful completion of a long-term operating lease agreement with Omni Helicopters International (OHI), Latin America’s largest provider of air mobility and delivery solutions, for three new Leonardo AW189 helicopters to meet OHIs onshore/offshore mission requirements.


We are delighted to expand our super-medium helicopters leasing business to the Latin America market, said Peter Jiang, the chairman of GDAT Group. GDAT owns the world's largest fleet of Airbus H225 heavy helicopters and world’s largest Airbus H160 fleet orders, which give us great satisfaction to be able to support our global partners and operating lease clients to perform a wide range of missions. The collaboration with OHI on the new Leonardo AW189 helicopters reinforces GDATs long-held strategy of curating diverse portfolio.   

OHI´s Group Chief Operating Officer, Duncan Moore said We decided to step up our position in the Super Medium helicopter class, both to accelerate delivery on our sustainability commitments and to provide increasingly reliable options to our customers to meet their demanding missions.We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with GDAT on further helicopter leases in the years to come”.


About GDAT Company Limited:


GDAT is the Chinas leading innovative general aviation services provider specializing in helicopter sales and operating lease, MRO, as well as emergency rescue flights operations and other government services. The Group is headquartered in Shanghai and has wholly-owned subsidiaries across China as well as operating bases in Suzhou and Ningbo, and an overseas branch in London. GDAT has invested 21ea Airbus H225 heavy helicopters, making it the world's largest fleet owner of this model. In April 2023, during French President Macron’s visit to China, GDAT and Airbus Helicopters has signed a contract for purchasing 50ea brand-new H160 helicopters, which is also the largest single order for the H160 on the civil and parapublic market since the helicopter was unveiled. GDAT is developing as planned on reach over 100ea heavy and medium helicopters in the short term, meanwhile continue to promote the dual circulation of domestic and international markets strategy.


About Omni Helicopters International:


Omni Helicopters International (OHI), founded in Portugal in the 90s, is the No.1 operator in Latin America for air mobility and delivery solutions sector. As the region's largest provider of these services, OHI caters to diverse customer groups across multiple segments, ensuring seamless and efficient solutions. The company's extensive portfolio includes Crew Change, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Firefighting, Search and Rescue operations, specialized Cargo and Utility services in remote and challenging locations, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) services, premium advanced air mobility (AAM) solutions.



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